Qualifications for Combat

No matter what the reason for wanting to join any branch of the American Armed
Forces, joining the military is more than a matter of spirit and heart. Various
requirements and qualifications must be met. Recruits must be at least 17
years old, a United States citizen, or an alien who holds permanent resident
status. In addition, birth certificates are required as well as the absence
of a felony record. Additional aptitude, physical, and educational requirements
are also considered. Character plays a large role in the success of graduating
from basic, AIT, and additional placement training, as well as the success
of any soldier regardless of terms of enlistment.

Those assigned to occupational specialties that are based on aptitude, former
training and basic needs of the military will be required to sign contracts
that commit to a minimum term of service. Various branches of the military
will use scores received on aptitude tests to determine a person’s chances
of being accepted into a particular or specific training program. All recruits
are required to take this exam, which is called the Armed Services Vocational
Aptitude Battery.

A physical examination is also required before qualification and acceptance
in any military branch. Following that, enlisted personnel are required to
sign a legal agreement that is called an enlistment contract, which will usually
involve a commitment of anywhere from two to eight years in length. Active
duty, in most cases is followed by a period of time in the National Guard or


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