Planning a Military Career Strategy

Before visiting a recruiter’s office, you should have a list of reasons
why you want to join. People join for many different reasons, whether it
is job security, education or training and travel opportunities, but regardless,
it is important to know why you want to become a part of America’s

Once you sign a contract, there is no getting out of it if you decide it
is not for you. Before deciding if a career in the military is the right
path for you, do some research and make some sort of plans on what you
want to get out of your time spent in the Armed Forces.

Some questions you will need to answer are:

Are you prepared to live a military life? Low pay to start, the possibility
of being stationed overseas and moving at a moment’s notice are all
part of the military, and once you sign a commitment, you are obligated to
fulfill it. However, if you’re up for some adventure and believe you are
mentally prepared to live a structured lifestyle, then by all means, military
life may be just up your alley.

Are you willing to relocate? Soldiers can be transferred anywhere around
the world many times during their commitment and live on different military
bases. Soldiers who are single don’t often stress over this, but those with
families need to understand and accept this possibility. It is important
to discuss such possibilities with family, as they will be affected by everything
you do, both directly, and indirectly.

Are you ready to accept responsibility? Soldiers must be able to perform
their duties at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day. Choosing a specific
position to work should be thought about and researched carefully. Sometimes,
a particular job or function may seem exciting, or even dangerous. Will you
change your mind later? Try to anticipate both pros and cons of any potential
decision regarding positions, jobs and field choices.

Will your chosen military career have a future? Is this career path
something you could do in the future? Are their jobs with this training
available outside
in the civilian world? Going through years of training and experience
can pay off if there are jobs available in the field in civilian
once your service contract ends.

Competing research before joining the military ensures that you will
get the most you can out of your service time, and that the time
you spend
learning and gaining experience will do well for you in the future.

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