Officer Training Programs

Officer enlistment and training programs vary depending on the branch of military
service that is chosen. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, as well
as Coast Guard branches offer different academies, schools, and training
centers for enlisted officer training as well as direct officer training

Federal service academies and military academy preparation schools are available
in all branches of the military, and offer and meet national standard educational
requirements as well as immersing candidates into military environment backgrounds.


Becoming a commissioned officer in the Army can be accomplished in four ways:

• Officer Candidate School

Direct Commission Officer

Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC)

United States Military Academy at West Point

Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps offers an Enlisted Commissioning Education
Program as well as training by nomination or appointment to United States Naval
Academy. The Marine Option Naval Reserve Officer training Corps (NROTC) is
also offered, as are:

• ECP (Enlisted Commissioning Program)

MCP (Meritorious Commissioning Program

RECP (Reserve Enlisted Commissioning Program)

BOOST (Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training)


Naval officers are trained at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. In addition,
graduates with no prior military training may attend Officer Candidate School
(OTC) or Officer Training School (OTS). A small percentage of naval officers
are directly commissioned in medical, engineering, and legal fields.

Air Force

Air Force officers are trained at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado
Springs, Colorado. The Air Force also offers Officer Candidate School and Officer
Training Schools as well as direct commissions. Nomination for attendance must
be obtained through congregational members.

Officer Outlook

Regardless of Armed Forces branch, the United States military offers a wide
range of training venues for potential officers. Educational and physical requirements
will differ between each branch, as will location, training, and timeframe

Military academies provide excellent educational opportunities as well as
training in all aspects of military environment and expectations. While admittance
to the above listed schools and academies is fierce, career opportunities for
officers will continue to offer the best in pay, training, and education.

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