Five Branches Of The Military

Five military branches exist within the United States Armed Forces. While these
branches are all separate entities, they often work together, especially
in times of war, to facilitate troop movements, equipment, as well as food,
armaments and medical supplies.

Army — The Army is one of the oldest military services, established in the
United States way back during the Continental Congress on June 1775. In part
due to its age, the Army and is also the largest of the US military service
branches. The primary duty of the Army is to protect and defend not only the
United States, but also its interests around the world through the use of ground
troops, artillery, and tactical weapons.

Marine Corps– The Marine Corps is also one of the oldest military services
in the United States, and was also established by the Continental Congress
in November 1775. The primary function of the Marine Corps is to act as an
assault force to control beachheads and prepare the way for landing forces
of the United States Navy, as well as Army personnel. Because the Marine Corps
works closely with the Navy in times of war, they are able to rapidly deploy
through the use of their own air power. While one of the smallest branches
of the military, the United States Marine Corps lives up to their reputation
as being among the most highly trained and efficient among all military service

Navy– Like the Army and the Marine Corps, the Continental Congress established
the United States Navy in 1775. Primarily assigned the duty of maintaining
and ensuring freedom on the open seas, naval ships, including aircraft carriers
and destroyers, couple their efforts with the Air Force as well as to transport
combat personnel over the open seas.

Air Force– The Air Force is literally the baby of United States Armed Forces.
Prior to 1947, it was known as the Army Air Corps and was designed to support
Army ground forces. Following World War II, the Air Force was created to defend
the United States in the air as well as in outer space.

Coast Guard– The modern United States Coast Guard was created under the Treasury
Department in 1915. The primary assignment of the Coast Guard is to provide
law enforcement support as well as rescue services in peacetime. In times of
war, the Coast Guard or any parts of its units may be absorbed into the Department
of the Navy.

While there is friendly competition between all five components of the United
States Armed Forces, each of these branches of the military are proud to join
together and serve and protect the interests of the United States.


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