Find An Army Recruiter

Finding an Army recruiter is not a particularly complicated process, as there
are many locations and opportunities to set up appointments and meet with
Army recruiters. In fact, young men and women, particularly in high school,
may access local Army recruiting officers through many venues, which include
but are not limited to:

• Local Army Branch Recruiting Offices

Army Recruiting Offices in Malls

High School and College Campuses

Internet websites

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

In addition, local Yellow Pages phone books will provide listings for Army
recruiting offices and locations within your community or surrounding communities.
Looking online to find Army recruiting office is also an option, which will
provide more information than a phone book, including office hours, items you
will need to sign up, as well as what to expect when approaching an Army recruiting

If You Ask Them, They Will Come

In many cases, high schools and colleges extend open invitations for Army
recruiting officers, as well as for all branches of the military, to attend
career days at local high schools and community colleges and universities.
In large metropolitan areas, recruiting officers may have offices on college
campuses on certain days of the week.

Community Based Recruitment

Towns and cities across the United States offer recruitment offices regardless
of population or location. This goes for rural areas as well as major cities.


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