Choosing a Military Career

Choosing a career in the military provides almost limitless options. From
combat specialty occupations to health care, to engineering and human resources
development, military careers not only provide the training and experience
that young man and women need in order to be successful, but also provide long-term
career potentials for advancement in each field.

Engineering, science, health care and technical personnel in the military
can specialize in one area or provide services for a broader base. For example,
space operations, information technology or intelligence can be utilized to
repair ground control command equipment or develop software programs for computer
and space exploration use.

Career opportunities in the military are excellent in all branches of the
armed forces. Job outlook, earnings, and advanced training are offered in many
specialties, which helps to maintain smooth transitions into civilian employment

When planning to apply skills learned through military training to a civilian
career, men and women should research various job outlooks as well as training
requirements in civilian occupations prior to deciding on a specialty. The
growing trend in military careers supports mechanics, transportation, and engineering
careers, as well as those in electronic and health-care fields. In addition
to leaving the military with excellent training, veterans enjoy additional
benefits in education as well as superior advancement opportunities.


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