Career Strategy: Planning Your Military Career

Planning a career, whether in a civilian or military environment, requires a bit of care, research, and flexibility. A career in the military can provide lifetime benefits and advancements in a wide variety of fields. However, having a plan of action, or career planning strategy to initiate the search for the right job or career for you will take a little bit of time, and certain issues need to be taken into consideration before approaching any recruitment office.

Choosing a career in the military should involve several steps or processes. Some of these include but are not limited to:

· Deciding career interests
· Military responsibilities
· Career future
· Job and career opportunities

When choosing a career, one must obviously take into consideration the demand for the skill you are learning. Some of the fastest-growing career opportunities in the military involved the medical field, and future prospects of job placement and demand play a big part in making such a choice.Even more importantly, a career should interest you. For example, scoring highly in mechanical aptitude is great, but if you would rather go into engineering, this is something that needs to be discussed with your recruiting agent. Never settle for second best.

Planning a military career, or even prospects during a tour of duty entails planning and research. Those who are most successful in this endeavor have taken the time to plan courses of action that allow them to obtain more desired positions. When thinking of a military career, choose more than one field or job description and look at the qualifications that are required for various jobs and careers in order to determine whether or not you can qualify.

Military responsibilities require that soldiers often be stationed overseas. They are also subjected to frequent transfers. If such circumstances will not affect your personal or professional career choices, then you can be guaranteed of a job no matter where you go. For those with wives or families, such career choices should involve everyone, as such an obligation will affect them as well.

Choosing a military career strategy involves considerations in your future. Is the job or field you are entering going to be around in five or ten years? Will you be able to use the training you received in the military in a civilian environment?

For some people, military career strategy planning is a simple matter, while for others it can be quite complicated. The key is to take your time, don’t rush, and try to research facts and questions before approaching any Armed Forces recruiter.

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