Benefits of Serving Your Country In the US Military

As a member of the United States Armed Forces, you will carry with you an unmistakeable pride that can only be shared with those who have served alongside you. Although this is arguably the most fulfilling and worthwhile benefit from your service, there is also a variety of tangible benefits that are at your disposal during and after your term of service.

Although the specific numbers and details differ for each respective branch, each offers similar benefits to all of it members. Below is a brief outline of the major benefits you can earn.

This is one of the most important benefits when considering any profession in today’s job market. Every branch of the US military offers a competitive healthcare program for its servicemembers. Members of each service are eligible for low-cost life insurance up to $400,000, and servicemembers and their families are automatically granted health and dental coverage.

According to the Montgomery GI Bill, members of the United States military are eligible for full tuition coverage to attend undergraduate, graduate, or specialty degree programs. If you are not able to afford schooling, then the military is a great option for you to complete your education.

Servicemembers earn 30 days of paid vacation every year! If you plan to use these vacation periods to travel, then you can travel to many different destinations at a highly discounted rate. Additionally, when not deployed, soldiers do not typically work weekends unless required for certain training exercises.

Each military branch offers a uniquely competitive retirement plan for you after you have completed your service. Whether you establish a lifelong career with the military or return to the civilian world, the military will be behind you with support. Keep in mind that many of the military’s educational benefits are still available after you leave the service.

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