Becoming a Military Doctor or Nurse

Medical fields, whether in civilian or military environments, will continue
to provide excellent job outlook and opportunities for medical students in
all disciplines. The continuing need for nurses and doctors, as well as surgeons
in all branches of the military will always be in demand. Branches of the
military typically maintain two different types of health care facilities
and environments; facilities that meet the needs to treat personnel at home
and abroad as well as field facilities that meet the needs of military personnel
during war.

Career opportunities for doctors and nurses in all forces of the military
are available in clinical, ambulatory, critical care, as well as operating
room environments. Various career tracks within medical field career opportunities
include operational tour duties, where a nurse or physician is assigned to
a flight crew, a ship, or a special duty unit. Clinical tracks place doctors
and nurses in military hospitals or clinics as need dictates. In addition,
additional needs may also place a doctor or nurse in research or administration

Doctors and nurses typically hold higher rank positions through all military
branches, and pay levels reflect their training, specialization fields, and
location. Medical doctors and nurses are highly trained in dental, general
practice, and surgical arenas, in addition to a wide range of technical fields
in radiology, pharmacy, and medical laboratory environments. The medical field
will continue to provide a wide range of disciplines for students in medicine
to pursue in both domestic and foreign American military branches.


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